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Advice on how to be an effective parent or step parent within a blended family

Happy Family Christmas

Advice on making sure you have a harmonious holiday with children and relatives.

Father and son

Advice for parents on how to talk to your children about traumatic events in the family

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Tips for parents on navigating screen time and technology rules when families meet up

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Advice for working parents when looking for an after school club or nanny 

Divorce advice for kids after Brangelina split

Useful online tools to help with organisation and communication if you are a separated or divorced parent

When talking about our own bodies, it’s almost always negatively: ‘I feel fat’ or ‘I’ve put on so much weight.’ While you may say it without knowing it, it’s important to be aware of the power and impact your words have, especially if your child i

We’ve answered some common questions about when your child is legally old enough to do some important things. 

Divorce and children

Divorce and separation are tough on children, but as a parent you can make the process and its effects less painful through good communication. Here are 10 tips to help.

It can be challenging to manage family life as a parent of children with and without disabilities. Alison Thomas, campaigner for the rights of disabled children and their families, gives her personal advice. 

children in care

Looked after children can be more vulnerable to approaches online from strangers. CEOP offers tips on how to protect them.

Family digital

Here are our five top tips on enjoying tech together as a family.

Adopted children are more vulnerable to risks online, such as out-of-the-blue contact from birth families. What can parents do to help keep them safe?

Sex and relationships education (SRE): a parent's guide for primary school age children

Puberty can be an awkward time for any family, but for disabled young people it can be especially confusing. Contact a Family offers their advice for supporting your children as they grow up. 


Teenagers have very different sleep patterns from younger children or indeed adults. So should you be telling them to go to bed?


There are three main styles of parenting. Which one best describes you? 


When parents split up, they have to agree the contact arrangements for children. The Coram Children's Legal Centre outlines acceptable practice for contact, what to do when things go wrong, and some tips for making contact work for everyone.

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Residency is the legal term for where children live when their parents have split up. The Coram Children's Legal Centre answers some FAQs about living arrangements, formal and informal.

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More than 120,000 families with dependent children separated in 2014. Roughly half of those couples who split were married and the other half were previously cohabiting.

Families money and finances

Practical advice for parents on low incomes to help claim the benefits you're entitled to

Saving for children

Tips to help children learn to save and manage money in the real and online worlds.

Teaching children about financial responsibility has never been easy, but as new technologies make cash less common it's even more daunting. Here are our top tips for talking to your children about spending in the digital age.  


Parents and carers of children with disabilities often face heavy costs. In this Q&A, Cerebra addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about benefits.

It's never been simple to teach your children about financial responsibility, but as cash becomes less common and new technologies become more prevalent, it can be a daunting prospect. This article gives you the inside track on how to help your children manage money in a digital world.