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Teens and STIs: a parent’s guide 

What do you need to know when your child is exploring their sexuality online? Marie Smith of CEOP offers parents advice

Ministry of Justice's Revenge porn campaign

Distributing so-called revenge porn is a criminal offence. How can young people be protected from it?


Negging is on the rise online as well as off. But what is it – and how can you help your child cope if it happens to them?

Holding hands

Brook's Richard Essery answers some parents' FAQs on young people and sex

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Sex and relationships education: a helpful rundown of what is – and what could be – taught in schools


Helping LGBTQ+ children and young people meet others safely: a parent’s guide


Brook and CEOP's Digital Romance research project spoke to over 2,000 young people about their relationships and the use of technology in their love lives. Here is CEOP's expert advice on how to support teenagers through romantic relationships. 

Advice for parents from CEOP about online dating sites for teens. Should you be worried?

Expert advice on how to talk to young children about sex and relationships


Sex, drugs, internet porn - no, no, no, you don't want to talk to your child about that! How embarrassing. Especially as you know hardly anything about any of it. But it's one of those jobs (like changing nappies) that parents are put on earth to do. Here are our tips for making it less of an ordeal.

Face to face

Use these online advice services to help you prepare before talking to your child about sex, contraception and online safety

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CEOP's tips for starting a difficult conversation with your teenager – and where to take it after that

Conversation bubbles

Justin Hancock, author of Talking To Teens About Sex, explains how to avoid being embarrassed talking about the birds and the bees with your child

CEOP's Dr Elly Hanson explains what we know from the evidence about the effect of porn on children and young people

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VIDEO: It can be a hideously embarrassing subject to talk to your child about porn. Professor Tanya Byron, Dr Linda Papadopolous and other experts offer tips for opening non-awkward discussions

CEOP’s Dr Elly Hanson offers advice on how to address the tricky issue of online porn with your child

Phone images

Your child is probably going to come across unwanted images online. Not an easy topic for discussion. So how do you broach the subject?

Rainbow steps

Advice and support for parents who think their child is lesbian, gay, bi or trans

A quick guide to LGBTQ+ terms. By Rachel Rosen

Your child has come out. That’s great: it means that they feel confident about themselves and they are trusting you to be supportive.

But what do you actually say?

HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with other men aged 15-to-24 have doubled in recent years. Here's what one gay man wishes he'd known as a teenager 


Concrete steps you can take to learn more about your LGBTQ+ child and their identity.

Online safety transgender

Sue Chitayi, mother of a transgender son and parent volunteer at Gendered Intelligence, answers some parents' common questions

Teen relationship abuse

How to spot the signs of an abusive teenage relationship and what to do if you think your teenager may be involved in one


How can your child spot relationships that are going to hurt them? Read our parent guide to abusive relationships and what to do about them

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What parents need to know: the facts about the people who abuse children from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

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What are the warning signs that someone could be abusing your child? Donald Findlater of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation explains

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Tips for parents on protecting your child from abuse, by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

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The NSPCC explains how a simple conversation will help to keep your child safe from sexual abuse on and offline


In this video, Jonathan Baggaley explains how CEOP can help parents who are worried about online abuse.

CEOP's Dr Helen Whittle outlines what could be putting your child at risk online – and what you can do to help protect them

CEOP's Dr Elly Hanson offers advice to parents on coping in the aftermath of your child being abused

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Advice from Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation on the signs of sexual exploitation and the steps parents can take to keep their children safe from unhealthy relationships and grooming

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Grooming: The Lucy Faithfull Foundation offers advice to parents on how to spot the signs


CEOP explains how the abusers operate and what you can do to protect the children in your care.

CEOP documentary

Essential tips for parents if you're concerned your child may have been groomed online by a paedophile

Talk about consent

Advice and tips on understanding what consent means.

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Consent and teens: how to help your child understand that no means no

Finding out your teen is already having sex can be a shock. Find out how best to handle the situation and support them

Get clued up on what's legal when it comes to contraception and sex for your teen.


Laura Hurley of Brook offers some ideas for tackling the topic of abortion with your child

Your son or daughter hasn't only been having sex – now they or their partner is pregnant. Bekki Burbidge of the FPA looks at your options