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PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide is the national charity dedicated to reducing suicide in people under 35. The charity was founded in 1997 by parents who had lost a son or daughter to suicide. Today the charity has members and supporters across the UK. PAPYRUS offers advice and support through its literature, website and education programmes.

PAPYRUS's campaigns are rooted in the experience of parents who have lost a child to suicide and in recent times has been pressing for a change to the Standard of Proof used by Coroners at inquest in reaching a suicide conclusion. PAPYRUS also has a long-standing campaign to reduce access to harmful websites which share information about suicide method or encourage suicide.

PAPYRUS also offers training in suicide awareness, prevention and intervention skills. Working in schools, colleges, prisons, workplaces and community settings. PAPYRUS believes that, working together, we can all make an important contribution to the prevention of young suicide. In particular, we need to talk about suicide and break the stigma which surrounds it.

The PAPYRUS helpline is called HOPELineUK. This is staffed by trained professionals who offer suicide prevention advice to young people themselves or to anyone concerned about a young person who may be having thoughts of suicide.  PAPYRUS offers this service via telephone, text and email.  Confidentiality is assured. Where there is a risk to life, however, PAPYRUS will contact emergency services.

HOPELineUK 0800 068 41 41   


SMS: 07786 209697