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Creating a positive personal style

Lorraine Kelly present body confidence workshop

Lorraine Kelly delivers a workshop examining how media images can be manipulated

to give a false view of beauty. Image: DSEP

Parent Info has partnered with the Dove Self-Esteem Project to offer parents advice and information to help children and young people build confidence and feel good about themselves. Here, Lorraine Kelly talks about positive body image

‘Giving kids the freedom to find their own style is essential. It’s one of the earliest forms of expression, creativity and personal choice they have’  

Sonja, mum to 11-year-old Caitlin

If your child is showing growing curiosity about style and appearance, nurture this experimentation rather than being afraid of it. The greater sense they have of their own style, the less they will look to outside influences.

Sonja, mum to 11-year-old Caitlin, agrees: ‘I think that giving kids the freedom to find their own style is essential. It’s one of the earliest forms of expression, creativity and personal choice they have.’  

Tip: share your own fashion mistakes

‘When I think of some of my own haircuts and outfits over the years, I want to climb into a hole, but it’s all a part of growing up and finding out who you are,’  says Sonja.

It’s normal – and harmless – for your child to experiment with looks and trends. Nurture their own sense of style and foster their creativity through self-expression. Remind them that the latest fashion for a certain body image will change and they needn’t be a slave to the current image of perfection.

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Lorraine Kelly: supermodels, bad days and jiggery-pokery!

Lorraine Kelly has teamed up with the Dove Self-Esteem Project to help boost young people's self-esteem. She recently delivered a 45-minute workshop to pupils and shares her own feelings on the subject of body image and self-esteem. Discover why in the video below.


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First published: September 2017


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