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Apps to help families enjoy the great outdoors

Children outdoors

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Can’t get the kids away from their mobile phones? Here are three apps to get kids outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer. By Megan Rose

1. Star Walk 2

(iOS and Android, £2.99)
Help to unleash you child’s inner Galileo with Star Walk 2, an app that transforms your device into a digital telescope.

It enables users to stargaze by pointing their device onto the night sky and provides a wealth of astronomical data which will fascinate any child who has an interest in the solar system. 

For younger children, Star Walk Kids (iOS and Android, £2.99.) is aimed at the under 8s, and features educational videos and a colourful design.

2. Warblr

(iOS and Android, £4.99)

Life is tweet with this birdsong recognition app. Users are able to identify which bird’s melody they can hear by recording it through their smartphone, whilst being provided with images and a description. In addition, users of Warblr will be contributing to a project which aims to help protect some species of birds from extinction – a fantastic way to encourage a child’s curiosity!

3. Coton

(iOS and Android, free)

Predict the weather with this cloud identification app. With stunning pictures and detailed descriptions, Coton will help educate children about the water cycle while they have fun. It’s a useful companion for family days out, wherever you are.

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First published: June 2016

Updated: ​May 2018



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