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Bullying: 5 articles every parent should read

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Parent Info’s quick links to advice and information for parents if your child is being bullied – or is bullying someone else

1. Respect Me is Scotland’s anti-bullying charity. Its advice and information on how to help your child if they are being bullied is clear, concise and sensible. Click Read more

2. Tips to pass on to children who are being bullied, from bullying charity Kidscape.Click Read more

3. What if your child has been bullying someone else? Sensible, no-nonsense advice from Respect Me. Click Read more

4. Tips from Stonewall on LGBTQ+ bullying in school, whether your child is LGBTQ+ or not. Click Read more

5. How to report issues directly to social media sites, including incidents of cyberbullying. Advice from NCA-CEOP. Click Read more

Further reading

There are excellent resources for children and young people who've been bulled on Ditch the Label's website.


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First published: October 2016
Updated: ​May 2018


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