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Who we are

Parent Info is a new free service for schools produced by Parent Zone, which has been providing information and support to parents for a decade, and NCA-CEOP, the child exploitation and online protection command of the National Crime Agency. 

Here you'll find a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing online.

If you are a school you can subscribe to a feed for your own website and use the content as you wish. Parents can then view the content for free via your site.

There are two ways of taking the feed onto your own website. Choose a feed:

RSS feed

This allows schools to pull articles in RSS format from the Parent Info syndication service and load it into the school’s own content management system. Someone at school will need to check the feed at regular intervals for new or updated content. We aim to produce a couple of new articles a week - sometimes topical - so this could be five minutes once a week.

Details of how to use the RSS feed will depend on the content management system used by individual schools - if you have already registered and logged in, go to our getting started page.

If not, you can register here or login here.

Iframe feed

This allows a school to host a topic page from the Parent Info website within their own website, using an Iframe element. Once created, this will be updated automatically.

Details of how to use the Iframe element will depend on the school's website - if you are logged in, go to our getting started page or see the sidebar for more information on feeds.

You can register here or login here.


Parent Info button 150 × 26 pixels Parent Info button 150 × 26 pixels

You can use this logo in a link to the Parent Info site, or to the Parent Info content on your site. 

Sample HTML code:
<a href=""><img src="" o-width=150 o-height=26></a>


Content is made available to registered users of the Parent Info site for re-use.


If we only want one or two articles, do we still need to set up a feed?

If you only want to use one or two articles, an alternative is simply to copy the text or HTML of the article into your website. Any school that wants to host Parent Info content should register here first.

Where do we go for support?

If you have questions or would like to suggest another feed type, please contact

What if I'm interested in this but we're not a school?

Content is made available to registered users of the Parent Info site for re-use and is free to schools. If you are another sort of organisation and would like to host Parent Info content on your site, please get in touch with us at

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