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How to use the ‘Uniquely Me’ guide to help boost your child’s self-esteem

The Dove Self-Esteem Project’s free 40-page ‘Uniquely Me’ guide can help you promote a healthy body image and raise your child’s self-esteem.

The downloadable booklet contains a series of articles covering key topics that can have an impact on young people’s self-esteem. There is expert advice and lots of activities to help you support your child to embrace their individuality rather than focus on unrealistic appearance ideals or make unhealthy body comparisons.

The Uniquely Me guide focuses on issues such as the definition of beauty being distorted by the media, children developing an unhealthy relationship with food and how a child’s self-esteem can be affected by too much ‘body talk’. These are issues that many young people will face at some point. You can try out some of the activities to help your child feel prepared for these challenges and make sure they are confident enough to cope.

Each topic covered in the guide also includes an action checklist which shows you how to start these important conversations and helps you identify which issues you think your child might be affected by and tackle them head on.

Example family activity: body talk action checklist

Even positive comments about the way someone looks can put undue emphasis on appearances and leave your child feeling pressured to look a certain way. It can also perpetuate unrealistic appearance ideals. The body talk action checklist on page 12 of the Uniquely Me guide provides tips on how to focus on other things and, where possible, avoid body talk.

See if they can take the one-week challenge of freeing themselves from body talk and negative self-criticism. It’s also a nice idea to join in and support your child by doing the challenge yourself.

Read, download or print the free Uniquely Me parent guide

The downloadable pdf contains expert advice from Dove Self-Esteem Project global experts from the fields of psychology, body image, self-esteem, eating disorders and media representation to create a resource for parents that is focused on advice and action.

Teachers: for free downloadable teaching resources, go to the Dove Self-Esteem Project area on

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