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  • Education and the future

    Preparing your child for secondary school

    It's the end of the summer term, with mixed emotions for some children who are moving on. But there are also practical things to consider. Here are our tips for being super-organised for the move to secondary school in September. 

  • Safety and settings

    Understanding PEGI ratings

    PEGI unpicked: UK video games ratings explained in full

  • Education and the future

    Why our school system needs to change

    Lord Jim Knight, the Chief Education Adviser at Tes Global explains how technology can help schools take a more collaborative and rigorous approach to children’s wellbeing and learning.

  • Safety and settings

    Secret Conversations on Facebook: a parent’s guide

    Facebook Secret Conversations allows your child to send and receive private messages and images you won’t be able to see, even if you have the log in details to their account. Here’s what parents need to know

  • Parenting

    YouTube: what parents need to know

    Kids can't get enough of YouTube. Read NCA-CEOP's comprehensive guide to everything parents need to know about it

  • Education and the future

    Top tips for teens on digital finance

    Teaching children about money in the digital age: a parent’s guide

  • Education and the future

    Returning to school: your questions answered

    What parents need to know about the upcoming re-opening of schools in the UK

  • Safety and settings
    Education and the future

    Help your child make positive Cyber Choices

    Coding and programming are extremely valuable skills to have for young people to have. Here’s how to ensure they use these skills in the right way

  • Games, apps and tech

    VPNs: What are Virtual Private Networks?

    A parent's guide to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) from NCA-CEOP’s Leah Buck

  • Relationships and sex

    Teen sex and contraception: what’s legal?

    Get clued up on what's legal when it comes to contraception and sex for your teen.

  • Parenting

    What is - and isn't - legal online?

    The digital world is so new that half the time we don't know what the rules are. In fact, there are plenty of laws governing what you can and can't do online. Here's our guide to what you should and shouldn't be doing online (legally, anyway).

  • Safety and settings

    What can make young people vulnerable online?

    NCA-CEOP's Dr Helen Whittle outlines what could be putting your child at risk online – and what you can do to help protect them