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  • Relationships and sex

    Spotting abuse in teenage relationships

    How to spot the signs of an abusive teenage relationship and what to do if you think your teenager may be involved in one

  • Relationships and sex

    Helping your kids recognise unhealthy relationships – on and offline

    How can your child spot relationships that are going to hurt them? Read our parent guide to abusive relationships and what to do about them

  • Relationships and sex

    Supporting teenagers through relationships

    Brook and NCA-CEOP's Digital Romance research project spoke to over 2,000 young people about their relationships and the use of technology in their love lives. Here is NCA-CEOP's expert advice on how to support teenagers through romantic relationships. 

  • Relationships and sex

    Talking to your teen about sexting? Get the facts.

    How to have conversations about sexting and make sure your teen is staying safe. 

  • Relationships and sex

    Sex and relationships online

    What do you need to know when your child is exploring their sexuality online? Marie Smith of NCA-CEOP offers parents advice

  • Relationships and sex

    When parents split up - managing contact

    When parents split up, they have to agree the contact arrangements for children. The Coram Children's Legal Centre outlines acceptable practice for contact, what to do when things go wrong, and some tips for making contact work for everyone.

  • Relationships and sex

    When parents split up - FAQs on residency

    Residency is the legal term for where children live when their parents have split up. The Coram Children's Legal Centre answers some FAQs about living arrangements, formal and informal.

  • Games, apps and tech
    Safety and settings
    Relationships and sex

    Video chatting: a guide for parents and carers of secondary school-age children

    With school closed for most students, young people will almost certainly be using a video-chatting service to stay in touch with friends. Here’s how to help them get the most from it

  • Relationships and sex

    Is internet porn affecting children's happiness?

    NCA-CEOP's Dr Elly Hanson explains what we know from the evidence about the effect of porn on children and young people

  • Relationships and sex

    Why you should talk openly with children about sex and relationships

    It’s hard to keep pace with our children’s digital lives. But there is something you can do that will help safeguard your children. Something that will support their mental health and, in the process, strengthen your connection to them. You can involve yourself in your children’s sex education. You can start the conversation.

  • Relationships and sex

    Sex: preparing to talk to your child

    Use these online advice services to help you prepare before talking to your child about sex, contraception and online safety

  • Relationships and sex

    Teenage relationships in the digital age

    A parent’s guide to digital romance and how you can help your child deal with relationships