Answers to some common questions about the Parent Info service.

Q: What is Parent Info?

It’s a service for schools, providing expert information to parents and carers to help them build children’s wellbeing and resilience. This service is free from the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit (NCA-CEOP) and Parent Zone.


The content includes articles, videos and Q&As, and covers difficult topics like sex, relationships and the internet, body image and peer pressure, as well as broad parenting topics like ‘how much sleep do teenagers need?’


Like CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme, some of the content covers internet safety, but it all starts from the assumption that young people don’t separate their online and offline lives, and that the issues for parents are often the same. The aim is ultimately to help children to be discriminating, web-literate and resilient.


Until 31 July 2021, schools and other organisations could host this content on their own websites. However, NCA-CEOP and Parent Zone closed this service as of 31 July 2021. The content of the Parent Info website will remain freely available until the end of December 2021.

Q: What does my school need to do to take part?

Unfortunately, due to the closure of the newsfeed, it is no longer possible to sign up for the Parent Info service.

Q: My school/organisation has previously subscribed to the newsfeed - how do I remove it from our website?

Different websites will have embedded the newsfeed in different ways so unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all advice on how to remove it. Please let your website manager or administrator know that they need to remove the newsfeed and they will be able to do this for you.

Q: Where can we find information for parents and carers now that Parent Info is shutting?

You will still be able to access a wealth of resources for parents and carers via the Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP websites. 



Parent Zone sits at the heart of modern family life, providing advice, knowledge and support to shape the best possible future for children as they embrace the online world. Parent Zone provides resources and training to educate and equip professionals and supports parents to develop the right skills and understanding, so that their children can discover the possibilities and opportunities available to them online.


NCA-CEOP has an extensive offer for children and young people, parents, carers and professionals. Its parents and carers website and educational materials offer more specific advice and information about keeping children and young people safe from online sexual abuse and exploitation.

Q: Why is Parent Info shutting?

Since the creation of Parent Info in 2015, the services and resources offered by both NCA-CEOP and Parent Zone to the various audiences who have benefited from Parent Info have grown and evolved - see above for details.



With all of these great resources available, there is no longer a need for Parent Info as a separate, additional service. Schools and organisations, as well as parents and carers, can get what they need from the existing products and services which both Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP offer. Streamlining our offer by bringing Parent Info to an end will make it easier for all of our audiences to find the right information for them, and allow both organisations to invest in the further expansion and improvement of our various products and services.

Q: Where do I go if I need support?

You can reach us at Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.

Q: If parents/carers have queries, do they contact you?

Schools can also signpost the expert organisations listed on the Parent Info site and we are always happy to respond to your queries at