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  • Dr. Pooky Knightsmith

    Dr Pooky Knightsmith completed her PhD in child and adolescent mental health at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, where she specialised in developing practical strategies for supporting self-harm and eating disorders in schools and other non-clinical settings. The strategies that Pooky advocates through her freelance work are all developed as a result of direct consultation with school staff and students and she also seeks inspiration from her clinical colleagues at the world famous Maudsley Hospital, adapting and simplifying evidence based approaches for use by non-specialists. Pooky provides accessible training for schools, parents and students on mental health and young people through her programme, In Our Hands. In addition to freelance training, speaking and writing, Pooky is currently the mental health and emotional wellbeing advisor at the PSHE Association, an associate trainer for the Charlie Waller Memorial trust, a trustee of Beat, the eating disorders charity and a trustee of the Kidstime Foundation which supports children of parents with mental health issues. Pooky won her own battle with anorexia and self-harm in her early 20s.

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