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  • Rachel Rosen

    Rachel Rosen

    Rachel studied economics and social history at Barnard College of Columbia University, where she also served as a peer educator in the field of women’s health, leading workshops on bystander intervention, sexual health, body image and more. She has a particular interest in the intersection of public health and economics.

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  • Health and wellbeing

    Laughing gas: a parent’s guide

  • Health and wellbeing

    LSD is one of the most famous hallucinogenic drugs. Recently, there has been an increase of 175% in the number of 16-to-24-year-olds admitting to using it

  • Health and wellbeing

    Ecstasy use is on the rise among young people. What should parents know about the drug

  • Health and wellbeing

    Ecstasy and LSD use among 16-24-year-olds has increased by 84% and 175% respectively in the past year. Overall drug use has remained constant – so why are these two gaining popularity with young people?